InaEssentials: The true tale of a Family business that makes an impact

InaEssentials: The Family Brand for Organic Cosmetics that was started by a music teacher and a firefighter with 2 babies and no budget and now reaches over 1,9 million satisfied customers worldwide.

"A story of failure, success, ups and downs moments. We want to be as open as possible to our customers and make them feel like they are part of our family!" - Veselina Ralcheva - Mother, Founder of InaEssentials, and Organic Farmer of the Year "2019"

InaEssentials: It’s a Family Thing

In the quiet countryside of Bulgaria, a small family brand for natural cosmetics has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, revolutionizing the organic beauty industry. InaEssentials, founded by Veselina Ralcheva - Organic Farmer of the Year for 2019 and her husband, now stands as a testament to quality, authenticity, and honour to nature’s gifts.

The Family Story

In 1999, Veselina and Nikolay, a musician and a firefighter, dared to venture into organic farming. Yearning for change, they revived their hometown's forgotten tradition of growing roses and lavender. Despite the risks, they, with their two children and another on the way, embraced organic farming and planted the seeds of what would become a global organic cosmetics brand.

Until 2007, their business struggled, causing financial worries. Once their daughter, Elena, even questioned, "Will we be poor if I buy shoes?" Despite creating quality products, they lacked a market. Everything changed when Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, opening a new market for their organic products. By 2013, the family finally saw profit. This journey reaffirmed their belief: with love, faith, and effort, anything can bloom.

InaEssentials is born

In 2019, a new leaf turned in the family’s story when their son, Vasil, launched InaEssentials, an online store for their organic products. Out of nowhere, orders started coming in and happy customers were sharing their life-changing stories every day! The family had to adapt quickly. From the outset, everyone had a role - whether it was filling bottles by hand one jug at a time, answering customer queries, packing orders, or penning social media posts. A family business to the core.

Becoming global

InaEssentials' breakthrough moment arrived when they switched their marketing lens from simply enumerating product features to sharing their story, guiding principles, and dedication to organic practices. Customers worldwide were drawn to their transparency and sincerity, helping the brand quickly gain international recognition as a trusted and respected name in the organic cosmetics industry.

Organic and Natural each step of the way

InaEssentials continues to stay true to its origins.

The family takes care of each plant - from planting to harvesting giving utmost care. They produce the hydrolats in their family distillery - a guardian of traditions and a symbol of their love for nature. The final products are bottled and labelled in their own production centre.

This journey is not merely about the organic ingredients but also the devoted hands that handpick each herb. A deep belief of the family is valuing each person, story, and helping hand that contributes to their brand's growth. Hence, from the start, they've implemented a social policy that provides job opportunities for people from minority groups.

Their commitment to reducing environmental impact, promoting fair trade, and sourcing responsibly drives them to use sustainable farming techniques and offer recyclable bottles.

The products that helped millions in Europe and USA

Today, InaEssentials boasts over 1.9 million loyal customers across Europe and USA. Their broad product range has offered solutions to everyday skin and haircare concerns such as oily skin and hair loss. Each product is clinically tested and proven. Their latest innovation for intensive night care finds its origin in Bologna, Italy, ensuring customers receive nothing but the best.

A Purpose Beyond Profit

The InaEssentials family believes in giving back to the communities that have supported them. That's why they are proud to offer employment opportunities to members of minority groups, helping to support their livelihoods and provide them with a brighter future. By choosing their organic products, you are not only improving your own health and beauty, but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Take Your Skin and Hair Care Routine to a Next Level

Unleash the true power of organic skincare that offers lasting results with InaEssentials.

Step into the world of InaEssentials and join a global community that embraces nature's best. With every purchase, you're not only investing in your skin's health but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of others. Join them and make a difference today.